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What's going on in my life this year.
2017/18 Random Stuff
What's going on in my life during 2017
Blogging On 2016
Whatever moves me to scribe this year.
Blogging on- 2015
What ever moves me to hit the keyboard this year, here it is
Blog on 2013/14
What's going on in my life, Shoreham, and the outside world in 2013. My thoughts, my words.
Myanmar Times 2013
My trip to Myanmar with Tim Wall, an ancestral Royal, we think!
Blog on- 2011/ 2012
What's occurring in my life in or around Shoreham by sea, this year. For 2013, please check the page above, 'Blog on 2013'
A brief maritime history of Shoreham and its Fort
A history to explain the defensive importance of Shoreham, and its need for the Shoreham Redoubt, finished in 1857
Watercraft, my part in its downfall
Continuing from 'When I left school 1979'. I spent 6 great years learning my trade at Watercraft LTD, and this is the beginning of the story of my time there
When I left school, 1979
Leaving Cardinal Newman school, 1979, 16 years old, my first job, first proper wages, wide eyed and care free, look out world, here I come.
A bygone Shoreham Beach
Short stories from a childhood spent discovering Shoreham, plus links to some of our incredible local music talent
John Jabez Edwin Mayall
This page is a brief summary of one of the early leading lights of photography, J.J.E. Mayall
Wolf E Boy's Barn and Granary conversion blog
For 7 months, back in 2007, I worked on a barn conversion as site carpenter, this blog tells the story
2009/10 blog n stuff
whatever moves me to scribble this year
Don't get me started- blogging
This is about just some of the things that daily piss so many of us off
Wolf rants- Wolf E. Boy's rhyming rhetoric
some of my 'Outspoken rhyming rants'
Silly, witty one liners page
Here are some of my fave collected one liners I've been posting on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to return any time, as I regularly update with new one liners. Enjoy the jokes folks!
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, Gone Fishing
Some things in life are meant to be, or not, Dan finds out the hard way when a simple trip gets complicated
The Scam page
This page is devoted to stories of scams, and how they happened
2008/9, bloggin' on
What's up this year ?
The Polish 'stag' experience
The Stag tradition goes to Krakow
Lamp Bassett, the evolution of 'weedspeak'
Evolution of 'weed speak'
Random Page
Random old scribes of mine
Steve's tree
My Ramus Family tree
This page is for the continued updating of my Sephardic family tree information.
The Ring Master & John William Godward
This is the story of the late Victorian, early Edwardian world of art dealing, and the link between William Walker Sampson, leader of the biggest art cartel of the time, and a painter whose style was being eclipsed by the emergence of the likes of Picasso
William Walker Sampson's Art Auction Ring
This is just a rough out for an art ring project already going on another page of this site, working, hopefully, to a final edit.
Victorian/Edwardian art dealers directory
One at a time, I will be writing up short bio's of art dealers from the late 19th, and early 20th century, a follow up to the Art Ring story also on this site.
A Brief History of Shoreham Aviation
This is a brief history of the aviators that helped establish Shoreham Aerodrome as a part of the evolution of flight.

Lamp Bassett, the evolution of 'weedspeak'

Joys of summer

Lamp Bassett

Down in the cellar room, Mon and Badger are heads down at their desks, working on the teeth. It’s Monday morning after yet another heavy weekend of beer and Bassett, lunchtime looming large, come the time and Mon makes the first step out of his ‘miserable’ period, recovery from a heavy session takes the shape of resentful grunting at anyone inconsiderate enough to try to make conversation requiring verbal responses. But at lunchtime, a flick of the desk lamp switch signifies to Badger that it’s Bassett time; the unspoken understanding swings into operation as they tidy their precision dentistry tools away, climb up out of their dungeon and head for Badgers top floor flat just around the corner.

A fat cup of Rosy on the brew, and Mon assembles the Bassett, then chill in the bean bags or Buddha up on the grass mats, smoke the Bassett and drink the tea. This is the moment they begin returning to the real world, and quickly step on that moment, suffocating it with weed. No longer suffering from the weekend’s excesses, but smoked into a hazy oblivion designed to assist them through the rest of the first day back. Before returning to their work cellar, out with the eye drops, and a liberal dosage to get rid of the tell tale blood shot mincers before facing the boss. Bassett, as we all know, comes from the cartoon character Bertie Bassett, Bertie being short for Herbert, as in Herb, smoke the herb, smoke the Bassett. Add the ‘lamp’ signifier to the situation and we have Lamp Bassett, or Skin up. Just one of many shorthand languages that us weed freaks employ to cloak our conversations from the uninitiated.

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